Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Uploading a Word Document into Google Docs

If you haven't used Google Drive at all, or very much, do yourself a favor and get set up to use all of the doc sharing and editing features by configuring your Google Drive Upload Settings first.

When I mention the editing features of Google Docs, I realize that's one of those things that's easier to understand from practice, rather than reading. Let it suffice to say that, unless you are using more advanced features of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), there is a strong chance you can do without those tools once and for all. I have had almost zero use in my personal and professional work for many years now.

So you want to learn how to upload a Word Doc (or, for that matter, an Excel or PowerPoint file) in your Google Drive? It's really easy. First, log into your Google Apps for Education account (that's your LBCC Gmail account). Next, look for the nine little squares (I call it the "Rubic's Cube) in the upper right, and then the "Drive" icon:

A new browser tab opens showing your Google Drive. If you see a prompt across the top of the page offering to "install" Google Drive onto your computer, you can close that out. You most likely won't need or want that, especially if you are working on a desktop machine that's always connected to the Internet.

Ready to upload your first Word Doc? Not so fast: it's probably a good idea to set up some basic folders first. Click the red "New" button in the upper left:

Go ahead and create a few folders, so you can start off being organized… or just jump right in like I did, and organize later.

Ready to upload your first Word Doc? Ok, click the red "New" button again, and then click "File Upload."

If you adjusted your Upload Settings (see the top of this post), your Word Doc will be uploaded, and converted to an editable Google Doc format on-the-fly. Double-click on the Doc to edit it, share it, publish it, etc. Welcome to a higher level of functionality in your document workflow!
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