Monday, November 23, 2015

Uploading Multiple Events to a Google Calendar

Do you have a bunch of events that you need to place into a Google Calendar? You can do it one-by-one in the Google Calendar interface, but that can get pretty tedious pretty quickly, especially if you have a few dozen (or hundred!) events to post. Luckily, Google Calendar speaks the language of the CSV file. To get started, log into your Gmail or Google Apps for Education account and click this link to my template spreadsheet. It will prompt you to make a copy for yourself.

1. Fill in your events, following the formatting of the date and time indicators:

2. Doublecheck your entries, and download your spreadsheet as a .CSV file:

3. Go to the settings area for your Google Calendars. Make sure you click the little disclosure triangle for "My Calendars" and not an individual calendar:

4. Look for the "Import calendar" link and click it:

5. A popup will appear. Browse for your .CSV file:

6. Select the calendar you want the events in your spreadsheet to appear.

7. If you formatted the .CSV file properly, all of your events will be uploaded and processed into the Google Calendar you indicated, with dates, times, descriptions, and locations all in place:

Pretty cool, huh?!
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