Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Use Google Docs While You're Offline!

Google Docs now allows you to view and edit your word processing documents offline, without an Internet connection. When you aren't connected to the Internet, Google Docs uses information stored on your computer's hard drive rather than relying on information sent across the network. When you are offline, your edits are stored on your own computer until you re-connect, at which point your changes are synced with Google Docs' servers and made available to collaborators.

Read all about it.

Media Department Shut-Out at the Turkey Trot

We're not whiners, but when nobody in our department won anything at the annual Turkey Trot, we can't help but launch a full-scale investigation into potential trot-tampering!

Monday, November 24, 2008

PDF Hosting at Scribd.com

A lot of LBCC Faculty and Staff are getting into Google Apps for Education to host documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but what about PDFs? Google Docs allows you to share PDFs with other users, but currently doesn't allow you to deploy them as a URL like you can with other document types.

Enter Scribd.com. Although it's not the only hosting solution for PDF documents, it's one of the best we have seen, offering the ability to view your documents in three unique views: List, Book, and Slide mode. You can also embed a PDF to render directly in a web page. See the example below, making sure to explore the view modes via the "iPaper" drop-down menu.

Try Scribd; we think you'll like it!

Employment Opportunity Summary 112408
Get your own at Scribd or explore others: Education

Monday All Over Again

My coworkers love me...my coworkers love me...(repeat indefinitely).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Paul Has 2-Ply!

I entered my spacious and well-appointed veal pen on this bright and shiny Monday morning, only to be faced with this:

Moodle Dashboard "Courses" Tab

We have been hearing that some students and instructors are having a little trouble locating their courses on their Moodle Dashboard. If you...