Monday, January 23, 2017

Moodle TurnItIn Assignment 2

Are you having trouble updating the TurnItIn Assignments in your Moodle course(s)? It's probably because TurnItIn is slowly decommissioning their "TurnItIn Assignment" in favor of the new & improved "TurnItIn Assignment 2" (real original, huh?). Go ahead and explore the new version.

We will deactivate all instances of the obsolete "TurnItIn Assignment" in LBCC Moodle at 4pm on June 23, 2017.

This means your existing instances of the obsolete TurnItIn Assignment will disappear, and only the "TurnItIn Assignment 2" will be available in the "Add an activity or resource" popup:

To convert your existing obsolete version TurnItIn Assignments to the new version, simply copy and paste from the settings page of the old to the new. When you build instances of the new version, you will also notice additional features. We recommend taking a close look at those settings, making selections that will work for all similar instances of those activities, and then duplicating as many instances as you need for use throughout your Moodle course. Need help?

You know who to call. 😉

Friday, January 13, 2017

Students "Opting Out" Of LBCC Email = No Moodle Auto-Enroll


A student tells you they don't have access to your Moodle course. You have determined:

  • they are registered for your course (and not just on the waitlist)
  • you have set up your Moodle course for automated enrollments
  • all of your other registered students have access to your Moodle course

But not this student. Why not? Chances are, the student in question has "opted out" of LBCC email messages. This status currently prevents student Moodle accounts from being auto-enrolled in Moodle courses (we're working on it!).

In the past, we have recommended that you send those students to the Student Help Desk (in the Library), who will then send them on to Registration to cancel the "opt out" status in Banner, but there is a way to determine that for the student in WebRunner, and send them directly to Registration:

1. Log in to your WebRunner account
2. Click "Faculty and Advisors."

3. Click "Summary Class List."

4. Click "Select Term and submit.

5. Click "Select a CRN" and submit.

6. This will deliver a class roster. Find the student with the Moodle access issue, and if they don't have a little mail icon to the far right of their name, CONGRATULATIONS! You have discovered the issue!

Now all you need to do is instruct the student to visit the Admissions and Registration Department (in Takena Hall) and request to have the "Email Opt Out" status on their Banner account removed. That will trigger auto-enrollment into their course(s) running in Moodle. Congratulations - you are part of the solution!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Moodle Recycle Bin

We are happy to report that our Moodle system now has a recycle bin! If you have ever deleted an Activity or Resource from your Moodle shell, and later wished you could get it back, now you will have up to 30 days to restore it into your course.

You will see the link to the recycle bin in the Administration block in your Moodle course shell:

It's easy to restore an item:

Note that when you restore an Activity or Resource, it will reappear at the bottom of the content section where it previously resided, not its original position.

Let us know how you like this new feature!

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