Friday, October 11, 2013

Moodle Written Assignment Submissions Via Google Docs

Here is how to share an assignment worksheet in a way that Students will be able to view, make a copy for themselves to edit, and submit it for a written assignment without printing a single page - your students will appreciate that! Feel free to offer suggestions for improving this tutorial by commenting below.

Phase 1 - Check Your Google Drive Upload Settings
Step 1: Trust me on this one, ok?
Step 2: In Google Drive, click the Settings gear in the upper right and adjust your Upload settings to "Confirm setting before each upload."

It may not seem obvious at first, but trust me - there will be times when you want to convert files, and times you don't. This setting has saved me from… well, just trust me on this.

Phase 2 - Prepping Your Google Doc
Step 1: Upload your worksheet to your Google Drive (or copy and paste it into a new Google Doc).
Step 2: Click the blue “Share” button in the upper right.
Step 3: Click the “Change…” link to the right of “Private - Only the people listed below can access”

Step 4: Decide on an appropriate sharing setting (pay attention to the help text below each setting), and click “Save” at the bottom left.

Step 5: Copy the link in the “Link to share” field. This is the link you will paste in the Moodle Assignment “Description” field for your Students to click to access the worksheet.

Phase 3 - Building Your Moodle Assignment

Instructor: copy & paste the below instructions into your Moodle Assignment “Description” field. Be sure to add the hyperlink in Step 2 below to the published version of your Google Doc starter worksheet (if any).

Step 1: Log into your LBCC RoadRunner acount.
Step 2: Click here to view the worksheet for this assignment. This will open in a new browser tab in Google Docs.
Step 3: File menu > Make a copy…

This will save a copy of the Google Doc that you own, and can edit.
Step 4: (Instructor: Depending on your preferences, and your Assignment  “Online text” and “File submissions” settings, choose one of the following suggested instructions, and edit to your liking);

Edit the Google Doc, using bold and red font for clarity when I grade your work. Once you are finished, submit in the Moodle Assignment by copying and pasting the entire doc contents into the submission box.

Download the Google Doc as a Word file (File > Download as > Microsoft Word (docx):

Depending on how your instructor has set the assignment submission settings, paste the text from the Word doc via the “Online text” area:

and/or upload the File here:

Be sure to click the “Saved changes” button at the bottom:


The above two submission options require the proper Submission settings in your Assignment “Settings” area:

You can test the assignment by enrolling and logging into one of the test student accounts in your course.
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